Youth Health and Wellbeing

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The Youth Health and Wellbeing Team provides state-wide leadership and guidance for the implementation of the NSW Youth Health Policy 2011-2016: healthy bodies, healthy minds, vibrant futures. This Policy seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of young people aged 12- 24 years through increasing their access to quality youth-friendly health services and strengthening the community supports that promote the health and wellbeing for young people.

The team’s work is guided by the Youth Health and Wellbeing Advisory Group which comprises a broad range of government and non-government agencies and youth health experts, including young people.

Key areas of work for the Youth Health and Wellbeing Team include –

Assisting LHDs to implement the NSW Youth Health Policy – through promoting evidence based responses, distribution of resources, monitoring progress and showcasing effective youth health initiatives.

Building the evidence base on youth health through funding the ACCESS 3 Study.

Promoting youth friendly primary care – through development and distribution of training resources for GPs and other health professionals.

Disseminating up to date information and knowledge on youth health issues – through Youth Health Forums, and other strategic forums and networks.

Enhancing training and education on youth health issues – through developing partnerships with other key partners and identifying strategies to enhance access to flexible training opportunities.

Supporting young people to navigate the health system – through the development of resources such as the video on accessing GPs.

Supporting parents of teenagers- through working in partnership with the Raising Children Network to develop web based resources for parents.

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