Our Health, Our Way Resources

Our Health Our Way Website SmallerThe ‘Our Health, Our Way’ video and information resources are to provide Aboriginal young people with information to help them navigate the health system. 

These resources are for all health services or services working with Aboriginal young people. These resources are also intended to be delivered to Aboriginal young people through health promotion/education sessions run by teachers (in particular PDHPE teachers) in schools. 

Teacher notes are available to accompany the video and information for use in health lessons. 

The seven short videos are based on extensive consultation with young people and use their words as key messages. The seven videos and the brochure cover:

  • When should I see a doctor?
  • What can I expect when I go to a health service?
  • What is good health?
  • Medicare cards?
  • Bulk billing?
  • What is confidentiality?
  • Having a baby? 


Ordering resources

To order free copies of the poster and brochure, please click here.