NSW Youth Health Policy 2011-2016: Healthy bodies, healthy minds, vibrant futures


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Document type: Policy
Document no: PD2010_073
Date of issue: 17 December 2010
Download documents:  NSW Youth Health Policy 2011-2016 (PDF 1.05MB)
Document summary: This policy is designed for young people in NSW, the NSW Health system, and our partners. It aims to guide the NSW health system to encourage and support young people to achieve optimal health and wellbeing, to ensure young people experience the health system as positive, respectful, supportive and empowering, and to achieve positive outcomes for young people that are organisationally effective. This policy represents a commitment to our partners to maintain and strengthen relationships and identify opportunities for new partnerships. The policy adheres to the following principles: accessibility, youth participation, collaboration and partnerships, professional development, evaluation, evidence based approaches and sustainability.
Document applies to:                              Area Health Services/Chief Executive Governed Statutory Health Corporation, Board Governed Statutory Health Corporations, Affiliated Health Organisations - Non Declared, Affiliated Health Organisations - Declared, Public Health System Support Division, Community Health Centres, Dental Schools and Clinics, Government Medical Officers, NSW Ambulance Service, Public Health Units, Public Hospitals 
To be reviewed:       17 December 2015
Status: Current
Owned by:  NSW Kids and Families


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