Youth Health Resource Kit: An essential guide for workers


   Youth Health Resource Kit Cover

The Youth Health Resource Kit assists workers to deliver effective and youth-friendly health services.

The Kit contains up-to-date and comprehensive information about youth health needs for young people (aged 12-24), including those who are most vulnerable. This Kit also provides skills and practical steps workers can use to respond effectively to young people. Each section is written by topic experts and has been carefully reviewed.

The Kit will be useful for a wide range of health workers, whether novice or experienced, working within the NSW Health system or for a non-government organisation or private organisation.  


  Complete online Youth Health Resource Kit 


 Section 1: Understanding young                             people

  1. Adolescence – a developmental perspective
  2. The health and wellbeing of young Australians

 Section 3: Skills for providing youth-  
                  friendly services

   1.     Youth-friendly communication
   2.     Psychosocial assessment
   3.     Understanding risk-taking behaviour
   4.     Trauma-informed practice
   5.     Medico-legal issues
   6.     Cultural diversity and culturally-competent                           practice
   7.     Resilience and Indigenous young people
   8.     Substance use
   9.     Mental health
   10.   Sexual health
   11.   Chronic conditions and disability
   12.   Healthy lifestyles
   13.   Working with families


 Section 2: Providing health services to                     young people

  1. The Australian health care system
  2. Young people and health services
  3. Collaboration and case management
  4  Using technology


  1. Youth health resources and contacts 
  2. Your local services
  3. Youth health check
  4. Youth health risk assessment
  5. Youth friendly checklist for health services
  6. Key principles: transitioning to adult health services

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